Lil Mo called it quits with her husband Karl Dargan, and now the singer has opened up about the final straw with her estranged ex. During an interview with DJ Quicksilva, Mo said she walked away when Dargan “spit” on her.

“When he spit on me…and my kids were there the day we got back from ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’ What I did was – ’cause I still have the audio – I just remember running out the house that night. It was like two o’clock…when we flew back we were gonna have [a] family day,” she said.

She continued, “All the kids- we were gonna go to the mall and stuff like that. And I was just like, ‘Hey, you were supposed to be here…you’re drunk, you’re high. Something isn’t right.’ So he just starts yelling at me, and I’m like, ‘Bro, my kids are here- this and that.’”

Mo then detailed the violence that took place after revealing that she has a protective order against Dargan for abuse. “This n—a started punching holes in walls and he broke every iPhone – throwing phones at me and sh-t. Throwing hot tea and hot coffee on me.”

The singer also revealed that she and her estranged husband were not together while they were doing promo for their season of “Marriage Boot Camp.”

Mo went on to say that she was abused in “all” ways. “One time my phone accidentally called one of my friends that’s famous and when they called be back they was like, ‘Mo, you okay?’ I was like, ‘No, like… I don’t know if my jaw is dislocated.’ He would just get so mad and he would hit me…,” she said.

The “Superwoman” singer added that if she could offer advice to a young woman going through a similar situation, she would advise them to leave and never look back because she left and didn’t look back.

Check out Lil Mo’s full interview below.