On Monday night (Dec. 23), after performing in his home city of Charlotte, DaBaby was searched and detained by local police. The rapper claims he was illegally searched and detained and an investigation into the police department has already begun. Now, a video has surfaced showing DaBaby’s interaction with Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department that night.

“You can be detained if you wanna go that route,” a police man says immediately after approaching DaBaby. The rapper walks up to several police men who had been searching his car with flashlights during his performance.

“There’s marijuana in your car,” the cop asserts, telling DaBaby to stay away from the car as they search it.

“There’s no marijuana in my car,” DaBaby replied calmly. “Y’all have a good night.”

The rapper dismissed the police as he continued to walk toward his car.

DaBaby was later detained and cited for a misdemeanor possession of marijuana and resisting a police officer. He maintains that there was no marijuana in the car. The resisting citation appears to be due to his walking toward his car.

The Charlotte-bred rapper previously said he’s had run-ins like this with his hometown police before.

“We gone let the police department use the local news channels to cover their tracks then I’ll give the world our perspective. Keep in mind we have high resolution video and audio over here at the hottest label in the world.” he wrote on Twitter. “Someone died last night while the police department wasting resources and officers to harass me in attempt to make a bad example out of me. When in reality, i’m the most positive example the city of Charlotte got. Especially for anybody in the streets of Charlotte and the KIDS.”

Prior to his detainment, the rapper had donated gifts to 200 kids in the Charlotte area.

CMPD released a statement about the incident via Twitter on Tuesday (Dec. 24).

“At approximately 8:50 pm a white Dodge charger arrived at the Bojangles Arena. The vehicle was occupied by a driver and Kirk (DaBaby) was in the rear driver’s side of the vehicle,” the department wrote. “He entered the arena and while officers were outside providing security, they stated they smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Officers approached the white Dodge charger while utilizing their flashlights.”

“Based on the probable cause of the marijuana in plain view officers stated they observed, they determined that they would speak with Kirk at the conclusion of the concert,” the tweet continued. “Officers stated they attempted to initiate a voluntary contact with Kirk. Officers stated that Kirk walked away from them and he refused to speak with officers. Officers stated they detained Kirk in handcuffs and indicated that they legally searched the vehicle.”

An internal investigation has been launched to determine if the officers followed a correct procedure.