lToo $hort sexual assault accuser, Teana Louis, has dropped her lawsuit against the veteran rapper with prejudice, meaning she will not be able to refile the case at a later date. According to TMZ, the dropped suit arrives after the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office found a lack of compelling evidence to suggest any wrongdoing.

Louis previously filed a lawsuit, accusing Too $hort of forcing her into multiple sexual acts. She claimed the assaults repeatedly occurred between July and October of 2016 in Los Angeles.

Too $hort dismissed the claims and accused Louis of attempting to extort him. The Bay Area rapper provided text messages as proof of his innocence and asserted that sexual activity between them never escalated beyond consensual foreplay.

After investigating the allegations in 2018, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office sided with Too $hort, declaring that Louis’ case couldn’t hold up in court, due to a lack of evidence. The prosecution favored the assumption that their relationship had been consensual.

Now that Louis has filed for a dismissal of the case with prejudice, she will not be able to reopen the matter. It’s unknown if the two struck a settlement outside of court. However, Too $hort has maintained his innocence all along and remained adamant in his extortion claims. He also said that Louis was an aspiring artist whom he failed to sign, which is what he believes prompted her lawsuit.

“The one thing you learn in today’s culture is that everything has to be handled very sensitively as far as the work environment,” he previously told TMZ. “You have to keep everything above water and crystal clear.”

“I’m pretty sure that these women are telling the God’s honest truth, but there are a few that are probably out there trying to do the money grab,” he continued, alluding to his own situation. “If those of you out there are lying, you’re messing up the movement for everyone else.”