While many people disapproved of the way Blueface gave money to the people on Skid Row, Tiffany Haddish says that making it rain down there is somewhat “traditional.”

In an Interview with TMZ, she spoke about how she felt about Blueface making it rain hundred dollar bills to the people of Skid Row. She said, “Well, to those people that say it’s dehumanizing and degrading, obviously haven’t lived in the hood. I’m from South Central Los Angeles. I’ve been around alot of gangbangers, dope dealers, and things like that and they do often give out money. Sometimes turkeys, toys, things of this nature, being charitable. But, for my entire life I have known a lot of men with money that are affiliated to jump on top of their best vehicle, and make it rain, make it rain. Are they saying it’s degrading when the men are in the club and they’re throwing money and the women gotta pick that money up off the ground with no clothes on? I mean these people are clothed. They’re living on Skid Row in tents like c’mon.”

She continued, “It is not unusual. Actually, from my experience it’s traditional. I’ve seen it so many times.”

The reporter then asked Haddish how does she think the people felt trying to run around and catch the money. She replied, “It’s a blessing. It’s falling from the sky, money falling from the sky it’s a blessing. It would have been degraing if he was throwing out ones. That’s degrading. But if he throwing out hundreds, he’s possibly making it so somebody could get a room for the night so they could stay in so they don’t have to be in the cold. You don’t know what blessing that might’ve helped somebody with.”

On Monday (Dec. 23), the rapper stood on his Mercedes SUV and threw stacks of money into the air. Dozens of homeless individuals rushed to pick up money off the ground.

“The season of giving,” Blueface tweeted. The “Thotiana” rapper was met with criticism following his act of kindness.

Blueface could’ve easily donated that to the shelters or HANDED them the money,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Instead he thoughtlessly threw it up in the air as a complete spectacle and risked inciting violence among the homeless. This is extremely disrespectful and dehumanizing.”

Take a look at what Haddish had to say below.