In an interview with VladTV, Stunna 4 Vegas candidly opened up about his own drug use and shared his thoughts on Juice WRLD’s recent death, which was reportedly due to a Percocet overdose.

“For people who were like on his platform, and where he at, he was like one of the first people to show me and DaBaby real love, genuine love,” Stunna first said about the late rapper.

“It was love with dude… Ni**a was a legend,” he continued. “You gon’ remember Juice WRLD, for sure.”

When asked if Juice’s untimely death affected the way he thinks about his own Percocet use, which he claims he uses for a stamina boost in bed, Stunna replied, “I don’t think so.”

“I can’t speak on they deaths, I knew them ‘cause they were famous before me,” he said of Juice and other rappers lost to overdose, such as Mac Miller, Fredo Santana and Lil Peep.

“But I also know that Fredo Santana was going through real sh*t before fame,” he continued. “Like, he was going through real life sh*t on the daily, also Juice WRLD probably [was] and Lil Peep probably.”

“I won’t lie about it,” he said of rapping about drug use in his songs. “[But] I don’t want none of my fans to think…Stunna no pill junkie. I don’t get down like that. When I do it, it’s for more stamina.”

Stunna pointed to emotional struggles as the culprit behind young rappers’ deaths, rather than recreational drug use.

“Percs help a lot of ni**as get through sh*t,” he said. “You don’t know how many situations one perc probably helped Juice WRLD through?”

“I’m not saying everybody gotta pop a perc,” Stunna continued, finally concluding about his own drug use: “Maybe I’ll think on it.”

Stunna is the latest rapper to comment on drug use in relation to Juice’s recent death. Earlier this month, Trippie Redd vowed to quit using drugs and Joyner Lucas blamed rappers’ drug-boasting lyrics for the 21-year-old’s passing.

Juice suffered a seizure that was reportedly caused by swallowing several Percocet pills, which he had done in an effort to hide them from authorities. Before his death, he’d talked about his addiction to lean and Percocet. Following his death, his family and ex-girlfriend further detailed his struggle with addiction.

Watch Stunna’s interview below.