In a seemingly noble—yet possibly misguided—attempt to bring some holiday cheer this season, Blueface distributed money to homeless individuals living in Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighborhood. However, some are unhappy about how he chose to make his charitable donation.

On Monday (Dec. 23), the rapper stood atop a Mercedes SUV and threw stacks of money into the air. Dozens of homeless individuals rushed to pick up money off the ground, as the crowd turned into a frenzied mob.

“The season of giving,” Blueface had tweeted.

Many are now calling out the Los Angeles-bred rapper for throwing money on the ground instead of simply handing it out. Furthermore, critics claim the act was degrading.

“Blueface could’ve easily donated that to the shelters or HANDED them the money,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Instead he thoughtlessly threw it up in the air as a complete spectacle and risked inciting violence among the homeless. This is extremely disrespectful and dehumanizing.”

“Blueface, your heart may have been in the right place and maybe your privilege created blindspots for you, but you cannot help people by humiliating them,” another tweeted. “The little cash they scraped from the ground isn’t enough to help. There were more effective ways to help.”

While some are disappointed in the rapper’s donation methods, others swarmed to his defense.

“A lot of the people who are hating on #Blueface for throwing money have not donated a damn penny to the homeless their whole life,” one person tweeted. “Get the fu*k over it.”

“How much money have you donated?” another person wrote. “How have you helped the homeless?? All these bum ass ppl criticizing #Blueface for doing something while people haven’t done sh*t for the homeless, but have a lot to say from the couch on what he’s doing.”

Besides Blueface’s ill-received attempt, other rap stars have given generously this season, including Cardi B, Kodak Black and Future.

See some Twitter reactions below.