After performing in his hometown of Charlotte at the Bojangles Arena on Monday night (Dec. 23), DaBaby says he was the victim of an unlawful search and detainment by local police.

DaBaby spoke to local reporters, calling the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department an “unlawful police department.”

“[CMPD] unlawfully searched my car [and] arrested me,” he told local news outlet WCNC.

The rapper’s car was reportedly searched while he was onstage performing. A CMPD spokesperson told WCNC that DaBaby was detained, not arrested, and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and resisting an officer. The department further confirmed that he’s been issued citations for both charges.

“Every time. There’s nobody when I pull up in the parking lot, the second I get out the car, 15 cops come around,” DaBaby told the news station.

Besides speaking with reporters, DaBaby also took to Instagram to expose the cops for searching his car without justification.

“Dirty ass police department try to take me to jail every time I got a show in the city,” he said on his Instagram story. DaBaby caught the cops on camera, as they searched his parked car with flashlights. He also highlighted the cops’ changed demeanor when they realized they were being filmed.

After being released, DaBaby revealed further evidence that suggested the police unlawfully searched and detained him. He cited their incorrect handlings, for example, not allowing him to make his phone call while at the police station and releasing him with his wristband still on.

From his Instagram Stories, it appears DaBaby may take legal action against the department.

The news of DaBaby’s detainment arrives just hours after the rapper donated gifts to 200 kids from low-income families in Charlotte, also at the Bojangles Arena.

“I always asked to be blessed enough to bless others,” he told WBTV.

Also this week, DaBaby partnered with Xbox to give away free Xbox gaming consoles to children involved in the Greater Los Angeles’ Big Brothers Big Sisters program.