Quavo becomes brand ambassador for Lids

  /  12.23.2019

Quavo has partnered with the sports apparel retailer Lids to become an ambassador for the company, he announced Monday in an exclusive interview with Business Insider. The partnership comes just months after Meek Mill was named co-owner of the company in June.

In a phone interview with Business Insider, Quavo spoke about what he could bring to Lids “as a could’ve been athlete who steered to rapping.” He also discussed a limited edition hat line that he plans to release soon and gives fans an estimate on when to expect the next Migos album.

When asked what made this the move for him personally, he replied, “I grew up going to Lids. I grew up shopping at Lids, you know what I’m saying? Lids has been around for more than 20 years. I’m 28. Most definitely one of the biggest with the caps, with the hats, with the lids, with everything. Right now, hats have made this run back. Back then, it was snapbacks, then it was fitteds, and then it was snapbacks again. And right now, in this time, like 2019, 2018, 2020, I think the fitted caps are making a comeback, and I just feel like it’s the right time to link with Lids.”

Quavo was then asked about what he bring to the company. He said, “I most definitely feel like I bring the culture to Lids. Meek, to me, brings the streets to Lids. He brings resilience to Lids. He brings REFORM to Lids. You get what I’m saying? And I feel like I bring like “guys who could’ve been athletes and steered to rapping.” That’s what I bring to Lids. I feel like I bring the Plan B’s and Plan C’s to Lids. Like when your life don’t necessarily go the right way, like in sports, like mine did, I chose rapping. And I took it off. That was another route, and it was another great route. That’s what I feel like I’m bringing to Lids. I feel like I’m bringing opportunities that’s been closed, that’s then been reopened and cracked open.

If you’re a huge Migos fan and want to know when the trio will release new music, Quavo says that we can expect an album next year. “I’m excited about the Migos project. We dropping that next year,” he said. “We haven’t dropped in two years. We haven’t had anything out since “Pure Water.” Haven’t had anything out but ”Pure Water.” I feel like it’s more about Migos that y’all don’t know yet. And I feel like this album is going to be prolific. I feel like this album is going to be the album to do it. And I think it’s “Culture III,” but I don’t know. I think we may change the chapter.”

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