In an interview with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, Rich Home Quan said he’s “open” to working with Young Thug again.

“I would say anything’s possible… it’s open,” he said. “I wouldn’t be against it, long as it made sense.”

The rappers once comprised the Rich Gang duo, who dropped their Birdman-assisted Rich Gang: Tha Tour Pt. 1 mixtape in 2014. Unfortunately, a Pt. 2 would never come, due to Thugger and Quan parting ways over a dispute.

“It’s always been what the people made it to be,” Quan said of the duo’s estrangement. “To this day, bruh and I ain’t had that conversation.”

“I don’t know which turn the conversation would take,” he continued, “but I’m all ears for the conversation.”

Quan further claimed that the argument stemmed from “big egos,” but was smaller than the public made it out to be.

“A lot of those decision we made was over five, six years ago,” he said. “I’m old enough now, grown enough now, that I could sit down and talk about it.”

However, Thug might not feel the same way. Earlier this year, the Atlanta artist sat down with Real 92.3’s Big Boy where he gave his opinion on the beef.

“It’s nothing about music. It’s 100 percent personal,” he said, adding that he’s forgiven Quan for doing some “bullsh*t.”

“This was my brother,” he continued. “Now, it’s like, you can probably never get the blessing of having me on a song and I can never get the blessing of having you on a song again.”

Additionally, back in August, music director Be El Be answered fan questions about So Much Fun on Reddit. One user asked if he thought Quan and Thug could reunite in the future.

“Maybe when they 50,” he responded. “[It’s] deeper than rap kid. Trust me. If you knew the truth you wouldn’t even want them to work together. Just leave it at that.”

Watch a snippet from Quan’s interview below.