Kanye West has spoken out on his thoughts about Christianity, saying that he feels Christians are subjected to judgment and are held to a higher standard. During a recent interview with Vogue, the Chicago rapper went into detail about his religious journey and how God has influenced him. “I thought I had it all figured out,” he told the publication. “[God has changed] everything, my ego … God put it all together. I’ll tell you what, when I don’t apply grace, I don’t get the results I’m looking for. Everything must be done with grace. That’s one of the things I pray for—and I need to pray for more.”

‘Ye also addressed the judgment he feels Christians have to endure. He said, “A lot of times, people try to point out the flaws of people who are Christian. But always remember, Christians are not Christ.”

However, Kanye says that Christians are not perfect. He continued, “We fall short. We all fall short of the glory … It’s like, there’s a lot of people with 23 on their backs, but there’s only one [Michael] Jordan. You can’t really compare most people with 23 on their backs to Jordan at all.”

Kanye confirmed back in October that he converted to Christianity. During his Jesus Is King album listening session at George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium in Washington D.C., he told the crowd, “I want to let you know that I am not here for your entertainment this afternoon. We are here to spread the gospel.”

”Excuse me if I mispronounce anything,” he added. “I am a recent convert. It means I recently got saved within this year.”

Kanye’s pastor, Adam Tyson, has previously spoken on Kanye’s religious journey. He even revealed how the rapper reacts when people use vulgar language in his presence. “If somebody cusses in his presence, I’ve heard him say a couple of times, ‘Hey, man, you can’t cuss when you’re with me. I’m a born-again Christian,’” Tyson said on the “Pure Flix” podcast. “Who’s gonna say that if they’re not meaning that they want Christ to be exalted in all that they do? [He told me], ‘From now on, all I want to do is serve Christ. I want every song that I sang, to have part of my testimony, to include the gospel, and to include the element of worship to our great God. That’s what I want to do.’”