Amanda Seales accuses Kim Kardashian of blackface & cultural appropriation

  /  12.20.2019

Amanda Seales is accusing Kim Kardashian of blackface and cultural appropriation.

Kardashian recently revealed her newest cover for 7Hollywood Magazine, and her skin tone is visibly darker. In an almost seven minute video, Seales blasts Kardashian for her darker skin tone in the shoot and brings up her family’s pattern of cultural appropriation.

The comedian started, “but what is there to say? What is there to say? WHAT IS THERE TO SAY? Cause what folks will say is but she has black children. Stop it! But she’s middle eastern. Stop it. But she’s helping black people get out of jail. Stop it!”

Seales added, “an entire team of people let it happen because they don’t care. She don’t care. She got a black daughter and she don’t care.”

“Y’all be praising this shit, that’s why she don’t care,” she continued. “You should care. It’s somebody is trying to take your rhythm but not know your blues.”

Seales says the Kardashians are famous for stealing from black culture. “They don’t give reverence. They don’t pay homage. No. They mimic, they take, they commodify. This is a constant thing that they do, forreal. They give nothing back. It’s all depletion with no replenishment. They can’t give nothing back, because we don’t want what they got,” she said.

Fans on Twitter also had some things to say about the photoshoot. One wrote, “The thing with Kim Kardashian and her family’s tireless history of cultural appropriation and Blackfishing is that she knows better. They know better. But they continue to do this because they know outrage sells. They’re able to keep their name relevant by doing things like THIS.”

A source close to Kardashian told Page Six, “It’s the lighting that makes her look darker in this specific image. There are multiple covers and images from this shoot where the lighting looks more natural.” The source continued, “People are so quick to find the negative in everything and also often forget that she is of Armenian descent.”

Take a look at Seales’ video below and let us know what you think.

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