Photo: Instagram/@6ix9ine
  /  12.20.2019

Tekashi 6ix9ine was sentenced to 24 months in prison on Wednesday (Dec. 18) and while his family, victims and estranged father attended the hearing, one person was not in the courtroom—his ex-girlfriend and daughter’s mother, Sara Molina.

Molina, who raises their 4-year-old daughter, Saraiyah, told TMZ she was neither happy nor frustrated with the sentence. However, she disagreed with the notion that 6ix9ine is a changed person and insists he and his family attempted to use her daughter as a prop in the case to gain him humility.

“He uses my daughter as a prop to gain sympathy, like this is why he needs to be home,” she said. “My daughter has never been a priority to him.”

Molina further claimed that neither she nor her daughter has had contact with the rapper since last year.

“You’re not concerned with what’s going on with your daughter for a whole year? That’s what makes me feel like he hasn’t changed,” she told the outlet, adding that despite not seeing her for a year, 6ix9ine’s family wanted to bring Saraiyah into court for the sentencing.

Later in the video, Molina asserted that 6ix9ine’s older brother, who wrote a letter to Judge Engelmayer, doesn’t know Saraiyah’s correct age. In his letter, she says, he wrote that their daughter is 6, when she’s actually 4 years old. She also claims she’s not receiving any child support from the platinum-selling rapper.

“I’m receiving no financial support from him, nor do I want it because I know what comes with it,” she explained. “I’d rather not have that chaos in my life that he comes with, just for money.”

The TMZ interview arrives after Molina went live on her Instagram story, stating that 6ix9ine’s sentence makes no difference to her nor her daughter.

“My life goes the f**k on,” she said. “My life don’t stop for nobody. At the end of the day, I still got a daughter that I take care of by myself. I still need to do things that I need to do.”

Meanwhile, 6ix9ine’s sentencing confirmed that he has another daughter by another woman, which Molina has hinted toward in past interviews. During the hearing, Judge Engelmayer said he’d received a letter from a woman who claimed she and the rapper had a child together in 2015. 6ix9ine later re-confirmed this while he apologized for his crimes.

“I’m sorry to the world, I’m sorry to my family, to my daughters, to my fans and followers,” he said. “People who believed in me and to the other families who are affected by this and to this courtroom.”

See Molina’s TMZ interview below.



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