Lil Uzi Vert is ending 2019 on a good note. The “Money Longer” rapper has surprised children in Arkansas with winter coats for the holidays. The kids were delivered the coats with a message from Uzi himself that read, “Stay warm and enjoy your new coat.”

Arkansas police officer Tommy Norman did the honors on behalf of the rapper. He took to Instagram to upload some of the heartwarming reactions. Some of the children look a little confused at first, but they seem very thankful for their new coats. Uzi even left comments under some of the posts. Under one video of a little girl named Tashay being surprised with her gift, Uzi commented, “Love you Tashay.”

Uzi is no stranger to giving back. He recently told a fan that he would pay their $90, 000 college tuition, if they actually finished college. “Ninety grand? I could pay for that,” the rapper said. “But this is the thing, though: If I pay for your college, are you gonna finish college?” He insisted on asking for the student’s Instagram and proof of his enrollment. “Make sure you show me all of your transcripts—everything. Show me all your papers and everything, and you’ll get 90 thousand from me. I’m serious,” Uzi said. “If you don’t show me, you won’t get 90 grand from me … you gotta show me the proof.”

Uzi recently delivered his highly anticipated Eternal Atake single “Futsal Shuffle 2020.” He released a clip of the song and he showed off the accompanying dance and challenged his fans to do the #FutsalShuffle along with him. He recently tweeted “The Single that I’m going with From Eternal Atake is a Dance Record called FUTSAL ⚽️🔥. THE DANCE IS CALLED THE FUTSAL SHUFFLE 🕺🏾. THE FUTSAL SHUFFLE WILL TAKE OVER 2020.”

Take a look at some of the children that were gifted coats below.