On Monday (Dec. 16), HipHopDX teased an upcoming interview with The Game, where he detailed a phone call he received from Michael Jackson, who urged him to end his feud with 50 Cent so that the three could collaborate together.

“That was weird as f**k,” the Los Angeles rapper remembered about the call, which he referenced on his M.J. tribute track, “Better On The Other Side.”

“It’s like, this ain’t how I wanna meet Michael Jackson or talk to Michael Jackson,” he continued. “I kinda felt like Mike was on some lame sh*t. Like, who sent you type sh*t, but at the same time it was like—you know that voice, Michael Jackson’s voice that you hear. Like, that n***a wasn’t talking like that. It was like, low-key deep. You could still tell it was Michael Jackson but it was more like, regular.”

The Game explained that he was called by one of Jackson’s representatives and that he was then put on hold for the pop legend.

“I’m in Canada on tour and I’m like, ‘Mike wanna talk to me? About what?’” he said. “Seven or eight minutes later, he comes on like, ‘Hey Game, it’s Mike,’ in a regular voice. He talked about how much he loves “How We Do”… and then he was actually like quoting lyrics and stuff that he know about [The Documentary].”

Switching back and forth between his regular voice and Jackson’s trademark falsetto, The Game gave a play-by-play on how the phone conversation went down.

“I think that you and Fifty did great work,” Jackson had told him. “It would be a travesty if the world never got to hear you guys again. Would you be open to having a conversation and squashing that beef and doing something for my album?”

At the time, The Game remembered being taken aback by the offer.

“At that time I was so in it with 50, I actually hated 50,” he said. “I wanted to kill him at that time. He probably had the same mutual feelings for me. That’s where Mike lost me. In my head, I was just not open to doing that. I can’t remember how we ended the conversation or whatnot. I didn’t tell Mike ‘No,’ but it never came to fruition.”

Most recently, The Game delivered his Born 2 Rap album, which he’s said is his last project. Watch his interview below.