Chris Brown is a proud father of two.

The singer took to social media on Friday (Dec. 13) and shared more photos of his son, Aeko Catori Brown. He posted several black and white photos revealing Aeko’s face to his fans for the first time. He also shared that he was with his ex-girlfriend, Ammika Harris, as she gave birth by way of a C-section.

Aeko was born on Nov. 20.

Brown, who also has a 5-year-old daughter named Royalty, has spoken about fatherhood in the past. “I think with me, the main thing is probably patience,” Brown said during an interview with Ryan Seacrest. “With me, I always want stuff done right now—’Let’s get it done, let’s get it done!’ but, you know, being able to be a father and, you know, seeing my daughter, you know, from those gradual stages, from crawling to walking to saying words now, you know, learning different things every day is kinda just teaching me patience.”

He continued, “[Royalty] loves ‘Ring Around the Rosie,’ so she loves just to sing it and do the circle. When me and my mom ‘fall down,’ she just watches us fall down. She doesn’t fall down with us. That’s the best part of being a dad. You know, doing those little things. Bedtime is crazy for me ‘cause I always was like…trying to avoid bedtime when I was a kid, like, ‘No, Mom, just 15 more minutes, please!’ So I’ll keep like the kids’ channel on and turn it all the way low and turn all the lights out, and you know, I’ll lay in the bed with her and like rub her back until she actually falls asleep. But some nights, she’s not having it. Like, she just is totally energetic—’Aaaaaaah!!!’”

The “No Guidance” singer also opened up about co-parenting, revealing that he spends time with his daughter for two weeks every month. He said, “So I have a co-parenting job that’s pretty amazing but, you know, learning how to be a dad, especially learning how to take care of somebody else, you know, I barely know how to brush my teeth in the morning! It’s actually great. It’s very humbling. You know, it’s very calming. I think I was a lot, you know, rambunctious, very hyper as a kid but now seeing that 10 times over, my daughter’s kinda like mellowing me out.”

Check out the new photos Chris Brown shared of his son below.