Meek Mill is teaching from experience. From fighting court cases to a starting a rap beef that could have ended his career, Meek is still standing and making his presence known.

In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Meek opened up his Grammy-nominated album, choosing between being a pill popper or a boss, and his infamous rap beef with Drake.

“Do the names of the albums like you know Championships and Dreams and Nightmares, do they directly reflect your position in life at the times you recorded them?” Charlamagne asked. Meek replied “Yeah for sure. Like Championships, you know everybody was saying I was losing. An L here, an L there. Now, I decided to paint the narrative. I’m bout to show you what we gonna do on a championship when everything is on the line.” Meek did redeem himself with Championships as it was recently nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

Charlamagne asked the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper if he had any death scares while he was popping opioids and percocet pills. He replied, “Nah. I never had none. I never disclosed this, but I was popping 10 30’s percocets a day. You walking with death. Real shit. Crazy shit. You pop two in the morning, they gone wear off by four.” Someone on Meek’s team tried to stop him from oversharing about his drug usage, but he continued. “They need to know though, cause some of their favorite artists popping 20 30’s on the low bout to die and nobody catering to what’s going on. I had to cater to myself…I had to make a decision with myself. you gonna be a high pill popper or you gone be a millionaire bossed up type nigga and they ain’t mix.” Meek also admits that he doesn’t remember why he started the rap beef with Drake. At the time, he was taking pills and he believes that could have been a factor.

Check out the interview below.