On Sunday (Dec. 8), Juice WLRD suffered a seizure while federal agents and local Chicago police were searching the private plane that he and his entourage had traveled in from Los Angeles. In the search, law enforcement seized 70 pounds of marijuana, multiple bottles of codeine and Juice reportedly swallowed several Percocet pills, in order to hide them from police. However, TMZ reports that it’s unlikely anybody will be charged in the plane drug bust, following the rapper’s untimely death.

Law enforcement sources told the outlet that no one in Juice’s crew has claimed ownership over the multiple vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana hidden in suitcases and that the bags were not tagged to identify any owners. The outlet also reports that the Chicago Police Department, who took over the case after the FBI handed it down, are currently pouring through the suitcases for DNA and incriminating fingerprints. However, even if DNA or prints are found, there will be no way to prove which individuals packed the drugs or own the suitcases.

Federal agents also called the drug bust a “non-case,” subsequently handing it over to Chicago PD jurisdiction. Two bodyguards, Chris Long and Henry Dean, were arrested for possession of handguns. However, the two men were released due to having concealed carry permits.

Homeland security agents, operating under an FBI task force, and local police had been awaiting Juice and his crew’s arrival, as they suspected the 21-year-old rapper of possessing drugs. Juice had reportedly been on the FBI’s watch list after an airport run-in last month, where he and his team were searched by drug-sniffing drugs and Customs Agents.

Juice’s flights were interfered with by federal agents multiple times, to the point where his team thought he was being racially profiled. Last year, the “Lucid Dreams” rapper was arrested at New York City’s La Guardia Airport when marijuana and codeine were found in his checked luggage. At the time, he was charged with a misdemeanor possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance, but pleaded guilty to a lesser non-criminal offense.

Law enforcement reached out to TMZ to refute racial profiling claims, saying that Juice’s 2018 bag set off alarms because it contained organic materials, which can be used to make bombs. Instead of bomb-making substances, airport officials found drugs, which is what allegedly put Juice on the FBI’s radar.

The beloved rapper suffered a seizure at the Chicago Midway Airport on Sunday (Dec. 8) after reportedly swallowing several Percocet pills. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital later that day.