In a lengthy tribute post shared to Instagram on Wednesday (Dec. 11), Young Dolph revealed that he and Juice WRLD were cousins.

“Dam lil cuzz. i feel awkward as hell makin this post on social media,” Dolph began. “The world didn’t know that u was my blood lil cuzin.”

In the post, Dolph went on to detail how he had come to find out that he and the late rapper were related.

“Sh*t, i didnt even know it my own self until 2017 when your uncle told me at thanksgiving dinner,” he wrote. “I didn’t get a chance to fu*k witchu how i had intentions to do and it’s killin me.”

Later on, Dolph shares the heartbreaking tragedy of losing his cousin before he really got to know him.

“I can’t believe u gone that fast waaay too early. WHY GOD?” he wrote. “I didn’t even get a chance to put my lil cuzzo in da back of the RR and give him all the game i wanted to give him, didn’t get a chance to pick him up in the Ferrari and kick sh*t wit him how I wanted to, didnt get a chance to drop the top on my Bentley and pull up on my grandma wit Juice in the car wit me, didn’t get a chance to po’ up in da lambo witchu like i wanted to, didn’t even get a chance to chop it up witchu and talk about our family history like i wanted to.”

“Honestly i didnt care about doin any music together because we blood and music is my last concern,” he continued. “I was on the plane comin back home from Germany when i got this bad news and it FU**D ME UP! watch over your moms and the rest of the family and tell God to make sure he save me a spot please. Matter fact, now that u wit God he can tell u all about my life, ask him about all the sh*t that i did to get to where I’m at”

Dolph finished off by calling Juice the “youngest biggest legend of all time.” Juice passed away in Chicago on Sunday (Dec. 8) after suffering a seizure at the Chicago Midway Airport. His family and ex-girlfriend have since come forward to detail the late rapper’s drug addiction. Juice reportedly popped several Percocet pills before his seizure and 70 pounds of marijuana and codeine bottles were later found on his private plane.