Future might be adding a seventh and eighth child to his already large family.

Eliza Seraphin and Cindy Renae Parker are women that have both claimed that Future fathered their infant babies, Reign Wilburn and Legend Wilburn. The women both dropped a bomb on social media after showing that they had DNA tests done on their children to prove that they are half siblings.

Parker posted a copy of the DNA results to her Instagram account. She said, “Legend can be avoided. Even the court system can be avoided. However, one thing that is for sure, is charity starts at the home and family is everything, regardless of the circumstances.”

Back in October, Parker filed legal documents in Texas claiming that Future was the father of her son, Legend. She even tried to serve the “Mask Off” rapper with paternity papers in Georgia, but was unable to locate him.

Seraphin has been very vocal about Future’s absence as a father to her daughter, Reign. She filed legal documents in Florida alleging that Future is the father of her daughter. She also claims that Future ghosted her ever since she gave birth back in April. Future is currently taking Seraphin to court to get a judge to put a gag order in place. He responded to her allegations on Instagram earlier this year. He said, “Start a go fund me Acct and get a lawyer.” Later on, he apologized, writing, “Hardest thing to do is not see evil. My apologies for getting outta character, good energy.” Seraphin is currently selling t-shirts that say 1 (800) DEADBEAT on them on her website www.justtakethetest.com.

The DNA test proves that the children are half siblings. Both women are asking for child support.

Do you think Future will step up and be in his kids’ lives? Take a look at the DNA test results below.