Lebron James is proving that he is the man on and off the court. He is making sure that the students in his I PROMISE School are having the best time.

He sent the 3rd graders on a Polar Express trip to the North Pole, a tradition that has been apart of the Lebron James Family Foundation for many years. In the video, the children were elated to ride the train and meet Santa and his elves. The kids danced and held up their golden tickets as they traveled to the North Pole.

The four-time MVP and three-time champion said that his most important accomplishment was opening his I Promise school in Akron, Ohio. “Besides having three kids and marrying my wife, putting my mom in a position where she never has to worry about anything ever again for the rest of her life, this is right up there,” James said. “Championships, MVPs, I mean points, rebounds and assists, that stuff is whatever. But for me to be able to open up a school and give back to my inner city, so many kids that I know because I was those kids.”

The I PROMISE School opened its doors in 2018. According to their website, the school is dedicated to help students who are falling behind academically. “The school implements specialized programming – from a longer school day, to its STEM curriculum with a “We Are Family” philosophy – tailored to these students that creates a culture conducive to social-emotional learning,” the website says. “The I Promise School’s mission is to positively affect the lives of children and young adults through education and co-curricular educational initiatives. We believe that an education and living an active, healthy lifestyle is pivotal to the development of children and young adults.”

Check out the heartwarming video of his students below.