The people of New Jersey are mourning the loss of a police officer and three victims after a deadly shootout took place in a Jersey City supermarket.

According to senior law enforcement officials, the shootout began when Detective Joseph Seals, saw a van that was possibly linked to a murder that took place over the weekend. As Seals approached the vehicle, a suspect got out of the van to shoot him before taking off.

After shooting the officer, the suspects fled to the Jersey City Kosher Supermarket where a standoff began. Officers were in the line of fire for hours, said Jersey City Chief Michael Kelly. Two other officers were hit by gunfire. One was injured in the shoulder and the other was shot on his body. Three civilians were shot and killed inside the store. Two of those victims were customers in the grocery store and the other was a cashier. Another person was injured, but is expected to survive. The two suspects were killed. Senior law enforcement officials said that the suspects arrived to the store in a U-Haul truck. The truck has been taken from the location to be examined by bomb squad experts.

All Jersey City schools were placed on lockdown for hours. New Jersey Transit suspended rail and bus service on the west side of Jersey City.

Detective Seals was a 13-year veteran, husband, and a father of five. “The NYPD is closely monitoring the ongoing situation in Jersey City, and we stand ready to assist in any way we can,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “Please keep our neighbors in Jersey City in your thoughts today, especially the brave officers and first responders going into harm’s way to protect lives.”

The REVOLT team send their thoughts and prayers out to the victims and their families.