Is Iggy Azalea baking a bun in her oven?

According to Hollywood Unlocked, the Australian rapper and boyfriend Playboi Carti are reportedly expecting a baby together. The outlet claims to exclusively report that Iggy is six months pregnant with their child.

Sources close to the couple apparently shared the news with the site, but details are still scarce. It is also unclear if they are expecting a boy or girl, or when they plan to reveal the news to their fans.

Iggy and Carti previously sparked engagement rumors in July when she was spotted wearing a huge ring during an appearance on “The X Change Rate.” When asked by the host if she was single, Iggy showed off the ring, which was on her left hand, and said, “No, I’m not. I’m not.” There was no confirmation of their engagement.

The couple met in 2018.

Iggy was previously engaged to former NBA baller Nick Young.

Iggy and Playboi Carti were recently in the news as the couple’s home was burglarized. Last month, Iggy and Carti’s Buckhead home, which is a suburb outside of Atlanta, was robbed of $366,000 worth of jewelry, including custom rings, chains, bracelets, pendants, watches, earrings, and a diamond engagement ring.

The “Black Widow” rapper was home at the time of the incident. She reportedly told police that she was in the basement and had heard footsteps in the house, but didn’t think anything of it. Iggy said that it was raining and she left the back door of the home unlocked so Carti could get inside of the house. Iggy added that she thought the thief had a gun.

Reports said that police obtained security footage from the night of the burglary, which showed the suspect leaving the couple’s home with a bag in hand. The burglary took place on Nov. 17.