The world is currently mourning the death of Chicago rapper, Juice WRLD. The 21-year-old rapper suffered a seizure while walking through Chicago’s Midway airport. Witnesses say the rapper was bleeding from the mouth when the paramedics arrived. He was pronounced dead shortly after he was rushed to the hospital.

Fans began to dissect Juice WRLD’s Twitter account and saw that his previous tweets about death were pretty telling. The “Lucid Dreams” rapper once tweeted, “This life is yours do what tf you want do great things and change the world don’t let no one tell you SHIT… and you’ll be bigger than “juice wrld” will ever be, and he’s going down as a legend- Jared.” He also tweeted, “My brain is my own worst nightmare… it could be the death of me easily if I didn’t somewhat know my way around it.” Just last month, he tweeted about praying to see people that he lost in paradise.

This past summer, Juice WRLD talked about finally kicking his addiction to lean. He started drinking lean in sixth grade, according to The Chicago rapper said that he grew up in a very religious household and he would rebel against his lifestyle by doing drugs at an early age. In an interview with Vulture, Juice WRLD credits Future for being the artist who first influenced him to experiment with lean. When asked if he talked to Future about his influence on him to do drugs he said, “That’s the first thing I told him. He just was like, ‘Wow.’ He kind of apologized.” The rapper vowed to stop using the drug for the sake of his relationship with his girlfriend.

Juice WLRD’s career was just starting to take off. His hit “Lucid Dreams” reached No. 2 on the charts. He signed a multi-million dollar contract with Interscope Records.

The REVOLT TV team sends their condolences and prayers to Juice WRLD’s family and friends.