Summer Walker has found herself in more drama with her fans after she was recently booed out of a New Jersey nightclub.

XL Nightlife booked Walker for an official afterparty to her concert. According to one of the promoters, she was contracted to host the party for 60 minutes and perform two to three songs. The promoter posted a video of Walker holding the microphone, but she barely sang along to her song that was playing. Fans started booing and bashing her on social media, which prompted the singer to respond.

“Aye look, ya’ll gotta stop letting these promoters finesse y’all. I DO NOT, I REPEAT, I DO NOT sing on couches,” the “Girls Need Love” singer said. “Put some respect on my name if you would like to see me perform I’ll be at Terminal 5 on the 7th & 8th & Jimmy Fallon on the 9th, that’s where you can see me perform. Thank y’all for whoever came to see me at the Jersey WALK THROUGH, I appreciate it.”

The promoter posted, and deleted, the alleged contract to his instagram account (@elirealest) to show the fans that Walker was supposed to perform. Walker then went off in a series of post in her Instagram stories. She said, “niggas posting fake contracts your getting sued. shits dead gross of you, now u bitchin on live all for some clout. Shits really a hell of a drug. I’ve done over 10 walk throughs this year and did exactly that, walked through. No issues.”

Walker has social anxiety and recently had to cancel some of her tour dates. Her debut album, Over It, broke Beyonce’s Lemonade streaming record and landed her the No. 2 spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart. It also became the second-most streamed album by any R&B artist ever, following just behind The Weeknd’s Starboy.