Are you “bad and boujee” on a budget? Look no further because Migos is here to give you what your taste buds have been asking for.

Migos has taken over the rap game and now they are going to take over the fast food game as well. Offset, Takeoff, and Quavo are bringing a “Migos Menu” to your local Popeyes restaurant and you don’t even need to spend a lot of money to be able to try their curated menu items.

The “Migos Menu” includes four different, affordable, meal options from Popeyes and you can only get it exclusively through the Uber Eats app. The menu will be available from Dec. 6 through Jan. 2.

If you haven’t had enough of the chicken sandwich mania, don’t worry because the sandwich is listed on Quavo’s meal menu. We all know how much Migos loves Popeyes. Just this summer, after the sandwich went viral, Quavo tried to sell his chicken sandwich for $1,000 just because it was nearly sold out everywhere. At least with their menu, you won’t have to wait in the long lines at the restaurant. You can order it straight from the Uber Eats app and it will come directly to your doorstep.

If you would like to see the full menu and prices, check it out below.

The Takeoff, $9.99: five tenders, two sauces, one regular mashed potatoes, two biscuits, and one apple pie.

The Quavo, price starting at $17.99: two chicken sandwiches, two regular fries, one regular mashed potatoes with gravy, two apple pies, and two small drinks.

The Offset, $21.99: eight piece meal, one large fries, one large mashed potato with gravy, and four biscuits.

Tour Rider, price starting at $46.99: 20 tenders, seven sauces, one large mashed potatoes with gravy, two large fries, five biscuits, and one gallon of lemonade.