Wack 100 caught heat on Monday (Dec. 2) after telling TMZ that Nipsey Hussle was not a legend.

“The man died with a million followers. No radio hits. No platinum hits. No world tours. After he died, he went platinum, sold a bunch of records, followers went up nine, 10 million,” he said. “First of all, we gotta define what a f**king legend is and what it f**king ain’t. Was he on his way? I think within time, yes, he would have been. At the time of his demise… let’s keep it real. The truth can’t be defined as disrespect. If it is, that means you lying to your muthaf**king self.”

Several hip hop heavyweights, including T.I. and Meek Mill, rushed to defend the late rapper’s “legendary” title.

“This shit say Nipsey all over it,” Tip captioned a photo of the definition of “Legend” on Instagram. “Record sales and #1 hits ain’t the only barometer for legendary status. IMPACT is what’s important. Although his notoriety DID grow exponentially more after his demise… his impact is undeniable. #HadToBeSaid.”

Meek Mill offered his thoughts, tweeting, “Nipsey a legend and the definition of real black man!”

Not wanting to forego the last word, Wack addressed the backlash he’d received over his comments on Instagram.

“When you call a spade a spade they wanna make a face card a Spade – Naw the question was Legend in Music… And because I’m not acting like the sheep following others across the field they find a way to distract you from the real topic which was ‘LEGEND IN MUSIC,’” he wrote on Tuesday (Dec. 2). “All the other sh*t don’t concern me. I don’t know this mans financial profolio nor do I care. But what I do know is the ‘Music’ stats.”

The music executive went on to respond to T.I., specifically.

“[T.I.] Your far from slow & you yourself stated ‘BEFORE’ wasn’t the ‘AFTER’ Now ima let y’all mental midgets argue bout that …… Wack gone stand strong in what he believe in and can prove with facts. The Yessa Master sh*t or I jumped cause he jumped ain’t the ways of a stand alone man… I can do this dance all day long you know why — Cause what’s deemed to be a legend in music has been documented for many many moons ….. Now for the next 10 hrs I wanna see you clowns go crazy about the mans words that you say ain’t relevant!!”

Taking the debate to an even more personal level with Tip, Wack followed up his post with video of T.I., where he trolled the rapper for previously appearing in a Crime Stoppers Atlanta PSA.

“BEFORE THERE WAS A 69 there was a TI,” Wack wrote, comparing T.I. to the rapper and infamous snitch Tekashi 6ix9ine. “YOU GOT MY LINE…. IM NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH MIND YA BIDNESS… WACK GIVES NO FU*KS I AM NOT A RAPPER.”

T.I. has yet to respond to Wack’s recent posts. In other Nipsey Hussle news, the late rapper was memorialized in a tribute feature by GQ this week, where Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Lauren London and more remembered his legacy.