The Game says he is officially out of the game.

According to TMZ, the rapper celebrated his 40th birthday on Friday night (Nov. 29) at the Sunset Room in Hollywood. That is when he told the outlet he celebrated his birthday and retirement all in the same night.

Game said, “I feel the same as I did yesterday. It ain’t really no certain way — I guess you don’t feel 40 or 41 years. It’s just like, if you take care of yourself, you feed yourself good food, it’s what you put in.” He also said he didn’t think he would make it to 40 and “should have died 20 years ago.”

On his retirement, he continued, “This is a retirement party. It’s what I’m doing.” He then said, “I had a good run and now it’s time to live a little.”

Game appears to not let things get him down. He showed proof of that in October during a performance when he made a joke about his most recent legal issue. The Los Angeles rapper had been ordered to pay $7.13 million to Priscilla Rainey, who accused him of sexually assaulting her in 2015.

“Everybody got something to say, this, that, I don’t give a f—k about none of that,” he told the crowd. “I been The Game my whole career, I ain’t deterred, n—a, I’m me. I been shot at, stabbed, fought, n—as suing me.”

“Today I read on the internet they said I lost seven million. Sh-t, what I’ma do now? Is Popeyes hiring?” he joked. “Seven million, he must be broke! In this muthaf—kin’ Burberry tracksuit? Who give a f—k about that? F—k a b—ch that’s suing.”

The Game added, “Y’all gotta stop believing what you see on the internet. Just call me. Ask me. I’ma tell you if I’m broke.”