R&B singer Montell Jordan believes that Kanye West is a true Christian.

TMZ caught up with Jordan, who said when he sees Kanye “walking the walk” in regards to declaring his Christian faith, that is enough for him to believe the rapper. The former singer-turned-minister said that despite others questioning Kanye’s motives, he is taking Kanye at his word.

Jordan said, “I think we see the outward appearance, I think God sees our hearts. I can’t see his heart, but I believe his heart. I believe his outward expression of faith, so I support him and I pray for him 100%.”

When asked if he thinks Kanye is helping kids find their faith, Jordan replied, “I think he’s trying to figure it out along the way. A faith walk is not an instantaneous thing. I think it takes time it takes process. I do believe he has the right intention. He’s trying to figure it out as he goes along the way like I had to figure it out when I came out of R&B and went into ministry.”

On his transition from R&B to ministry, Jordan said “it’s the craziest thing ever.” He continued, “When you make a profession of your faith, it’s something that God is doing on the inside, but people see your past on the outside. So, they can only judge you based on your political beliefs, they can only judge you based on what you said last week, or your videos or this or that. But, what God does on the inside everybody doesn’t see it instantaneously on the outside.”

Last month, Kanye made an appearance at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston. ‘Ye spoke on his upbringing in the church, attending Sunday service with his parents as a kid and his mental break down in 2016. Later that evening, Kanye performed a Sunday Service concert with his 120-person choir at Lakewood Church.

Check out the video of Montell Jordan speaking on Kanye West below.