Dave East has revealed that his recent after party in Boston was canceled due to the venue allegedly receiving threats.

The Harlem rapper took to social media to explain why he had to bail on the club appearance, which was scheduled for Friday night (Nov. 29). “The club owner to Icon in Boston said he got 2 anonymous phone calls that they was gone shoot me tonight lol,” East said in a post that has since been deleted. “So they ain’t let me in the club. I know one thing, if a n—a gone do that he ain’t calling the club telling them. Sorry to whoever came out to see me and to the owner of Icon u a bozo.”

According to Complex, Dave East is currently on the road promoting and performing his debut album, Survival. The album features appearances from Nas, Gunna, Lil Baby, and more. He initially featured Kodak Black on the project, but decided to remove the Florida rapper’s verse because of the comments Kodak made about Nipsey Hustle.

During a radio interview, East explained his decision, as well as his relationship with the late rapper. “Me and Nip—like I said when you asked me—it was deeper than rap. So anybody—I don’t care who it might have been—don’t speak on that man after he’s gone if it’s not in a positive light. Don’t speak on that man’s woman, that man’s kids. Don’t bring that man up,” East said. “I just couldn’t have a song called ‘The Marathon Continues’ where I’m talking to my brother—and he’s on it—and a few songs before it, you know… But like I said, I don’t have no problems with homie. Free Kodak Black.”

East also spoke to Revolt TV back in October about his tribute to Nipsey. “It was maybe around August. I was f—ked up. I didn’t want to record. I had music that I already had done. But, a lot of people don’t understand. They ask, ‘Why did you push ‘Survival’ back so long?’ [Nipsey’s death] f—ked me up, bro. I didn’t want to drop any new music. My boy had so much sh-t he was going to put out. I’m glad the acting sh-t came when it came because it took me out of that space,” he said. “I didn’t want to put out any music. But, now, it’s time. That n—a said, ‘You tripping, cuz. Put that sh-t out.’ So, I finally got the label in tune and everyone on the same page. November 8th, we’re here.”