VIXEVERSA just released the visual for their new record “Jump Jump.” The feel-good party record pays homage to hip-hop classics in the new visual.

VIXEVERSA represents the new wave of urban artists hailing from Detroit, Michigan. The duo, Jay Denero and Dre Cash-PLXTINUM (born James Edison Davenport and DeAndre Marquis Nathan) had met during their Junior year of High School where they shared the same studio class during the first period.

VIXEVERSA’s audience and fans often state that VIXEVERSA reminds them of the legendary Kris Kross who were the youngest Hip Hop duo to gain success with gold and platinum albums by the age of 13.

As one of the few bussing urban artists making noise in the music industry today with their dope array of talent, VIXEVERSA is here to stay. Jay Denero and Dre Cash-PLXTINUM credit industry leaders such as Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, DJ Quik, & Soulja Boy as providing inspiration for the versatility and notably unique sound.

More is sure to come from this talented duo.

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