Lisa Van Allen, one of R. Kelly’s several alleged victims, isn’t sure that his girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage’s, new Patreon tell-all is genuine. Savage, and Kelly’s other live-in girlfriend, Azriel Clay, have been avid defenders of Kelly throughout his trials, denying claims that they’re being held against their will or mistreated.

However, last week, Savage changed her tune and allegedly decided to break her silence, and a nondisclosure agreement, on Kelly’s wrongdoing through a Patreon account. The service allows users to pay for subscriptions to access Savage’s stories, which have so far included recounts of choking, starving, mental and emotional abuse, forced at-home abortions and more. Over 1,800 people have paid money to subscribe to her Patreon account.

However, Allen, who appeared in Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly, isn’t convinced that it’s actually Savage behind the account. In a TMZ interview, Allen says certain details that the 24-year-old shared about her relationship with Kelly don’t add up.

“One thing she said about condoms, and Rob doesn’t use condoms,” Allen told the outlet. “Another statement she made about letting her speak. I don’t understand who would be letting her speak.”

Among the allegations, Savage also said Kelly forbid her from contacting her parents. However, despite the singer currently being in custody and her mother and father’s numerous contacting attempts, Allen says Savage still hasn’t reached out to her parents.

Although Allen doesn’t believe Savage is actually behind the posts, she does think there could be truth behind some of the stories. She recalled Kelly demanding to be referred to as “Daddy,” as Savage described, and revealed that she’d also had an abortion, although it wasn’t forced.

“Those things could be true, but that doesn’t mean someone’s not still controlling the situation,” she said.

Allen also spoke on the upcoming Surviving R. Kelly episodes on Lifetime, which she says she will have no part of due to the direction the show has taken.

“They’re being really messy. They’re adding new people in there that aren’t credible and it’s kind of gonna be like a reality show,” she said.

In July, Kelly was indicted by a federal grand jury in Chicago on 13 counts, including child pornography and obstruction of justice charges. His criminal sentencing date is currently set for May 18, 2020 and is expected to last about three weeks.

Watch Allen’s TMZ interview below.