Tyler Perry recently came to the aid of an American couple who were stuck in Mexico.

According to People, Stephen Johnson, who was vacationing with his fiancée Tori Austin, was forced to get medical treatment while on vacation, but was unable to leave due to his $14,000 medical bill. Apparently, while the couple were traveling on a Carnival Dream cruise ship, Johnson became sick on board and was diagnosed with pancreatitis and diabetes.

The Shaderoom reported that Johnson’s hospital bill covered an endoscopy, dialysis, three days of intensive care, and other medical procedures. The hospital administrator said that he “suffered kidney failure and is currently undergoing dialysis.”

According to “Good Morning America,” Johnson was treated and hospitalized in Progreso, Mexico. However, once he was better, he was charged with a $14,000 bill that he and his fiancée were unable to pay because they did not have health or travelers’ insurance.

Austin asked if a payment plan could be arranged once they were back in the U.S., but her request was denied. Also, she and Johnson were prohibited from leaving the hospital. Austin said that the hospital staff locked the windows to ensure that they would not be able to leave. The staff even threatened to call the police if the couple attempted to escape.

She told Atlanta’s CBS 46, “It’s been a nightmare. We just want to come home.” Johnson added, “[It’s] hell. I very much so am a hostage.”

According to ABC 13, Perry reached out and offered to help the couple. As of Saturday (Nov. 23), the hospital had not received the money, according to NBC News, but the hospital also noted that international transfers can take a few days to come through.

The Shaderoom reports that Perry will also be covering the couple’s travel costs to come back home.