Dame Dash sat for a 50-minute deposition on Thursday (Nov. 21) in regards to a lawsuit filed against him by Dear Frank director Josh Webber. However, according to reports, Dash verbally dragged Webber’s attorney Christopher Brown during the deposition.

TMZ obtained footage of the conversation, where Dash can be seen and heard saying, “This doesn’t give you control, it give you no power it just makes you look stupid. I’ma ruin you as a lawyer. You will never be a lawyer again, I bet you I’ma make you famous. I’m just giving you the rope to hang yourself. You gonna be in a whole other court room in a whole other place with your frivolous lawsuits.”

Dash also said in the video, “Culture vulture, you should be disgusted with yourself. You’ll sell out our whole culture for a dollar.”

The Roc-A-Fella co-founder spewed insults at the attorney throughout the interview and even mimicked his voice on several occasions.

Complex reports that the lawsuit was filed earlier this year after Webber and the production company behind Dear Frank accused Dash of trying to market and distribute the film under a new name. The lawsuit claimed that he was sending promotional materials for Dear Frank, but under the name The List, to several outlets.

Dash was on board for the project in 2016 and was originally supposed to direct the film, but he was reportedly let go following allegations that he was high on the set of the movie.

In other news, according to TMZ, Dash was arrested on Wednesday (Nov. 20) in NYC for overdue child support. The outlet reports that he had two warrants in his name for unpaid child support. Dash owes Rachel Roy, the mother of his two daughters, and Cindy Morales, the mother of his son.

Earlier this year, Dash owed nearly $400,000 to both women. The outlet reports that Dash went to a Manhattan court house to take care of both warrants. He claimed that after he paid about $1 million to clear off one warrant, he was arrested outside of the courtroom. Dash claimed that he was arrested and escorted by police to a Bronx courthouse to take care of his other debt.

NYC Sheriff Joseph Fucito told Page Six, “We’ve been looking to arrest him since 2015.”

Meanwhile, Dash said, “I went to turn myself in with money! I already paid it! And I still walked in with cuffs. No more warrants. Everything is clear.”

Check out the video of Dame Dash during the deposition below.