Bernie Sanders has proven to be a fan of hip hop.

According to Rap-Up, the presidential candidate, who held a campaign rally at Morehouse College in Atlanta on Thursday (Nov. 21), walked out to Young Thug and Travis Scott’s “Pick Up the Phone.” Sanders took the stage and was met with an applause from the crowd, who held up signs as Thugger’s verse played at the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel Plaza.

The Vermont senator has showed his appreciation for the hip hop community in a number of ways. He had conversation with Cardi B back in August, where they spoke about health care, minimum wage, immigration and more. The sit-down stemmed from Cardi encouraging her fans to educate themselves on current social issues and to understand the Democratic candidates’ plans.

When discussing police brutality, Bernie said to Cardi, “If a police officer kills somebody, that killing must be investigated by the United States Department of Justice.”

To this, she replied, “I don’t want people thinking that we’re trying to attack the police. Because let me tell you something, there was this one time that I started to feel like I hate the police, they’re pigs. But there’s a lot of cops that go in their jobs and they want to protect their people.”

Cardi also said, “That is discouraging our people, it’s discouraging us to fight. It makes us feel like we’re worthless. We constantly see our men getting killed every day. And it seems like nobody cares, nobody’s sympathizing, nobody’s talking about it.”

They also discussed wages. It’s worth noting that in July, the House of Representatives passed the Raise the Wage Act, which would gradually increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. Cardi said, “It don’t make no sense.” Bernie agreed and questioned how someone would pay for food or transportation, especially if you have a child.

Cardi added, “My thing is, certain people like to brag that there is more jobs now in America. But it’s like, yeah, there’s an increase of jobs given, but what are they paying in these jobs? They practically pay nothing.”

Bernie has also worked with and been endorsed by Killer Mike of Run The Jewels.

Check out a video of Bernie Sanders walking out to “Pick Up The Phone” below.