Friends and fans filled Slick Woods’ Instagram with positive thoughts and prayers on Tuesday (Nov. 19), after the 23-year-old model revealed she’s undergoing chemotherapy.

Woods posted a photo, which includes her boyfriend and fellow “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Micky Munday, where she has her tongue sticking out.

“How I feel about chemotherapy,” she wrote. “Shout out to everyone that gotta go through it.”

Woods even joked on the post that “#atleastimalreadybald.”

Micky dropped some love in her comments, writing “u got this.” Actress Taraji P. Henson also shared some positivity, writing, “you are already on the other side of this heathy and strong like it never happened. I adore you.”

Last year the Fenty Beauty model and Adonis Bosso welcomed their son, Saphir, who turned 1 years old this September.

“If you’ve never had hope for the future, you have to. You can create life; whatever you want that life to be. The more kids you have paying it forward, the more new ideas there will be,” Woods said of motherhood in her Elle cover story. “All those things you didn’t get, all those hugs and kisses. I can retract those things with my son’s life. In giving him that childhood, it heals you as well. In hugging your son, it’s giving a piece of that back to you, too. I need him as much as he needs me.”

Woods was discovered in Los Angeles and modeled for Kanye West’s Yeezy lookbook in 2015. From there, she met Rihanna through Instagram and became the face of Fenty x PUMA, gaining fame as a unique and relatable social media personality.

“I have supporters who will tell me they follow me just for being myself. And that’s genuinely the reason I continued when I first started,” she said. “I want people to be cool and comfortable with themselves.”

Woods hasn’t confirmed what type of cancer her chemotherapy will treat, but we are wishing her a speedy recovery.