Meek Mill has shared his favorite MCs.

During an impromptu “Ask Meek Q&A” with fans on Twitter, the Philadelphia rapper revealed his list of the top five rappers in his era. He included JAY-Z and Rick Ross, followed by Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, and DMX concluded his list.

Meek also hinted at fans that he might be dropping some new music before the end of the year. “I’ma set sh-t straight just to be in the convo of the 2019 albums,” he tweeted. Meek then added, “Idk it’s getting shakey!!!! Lol.”

On another note, earlier this month, Meek and friend/fellow activist and 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin visited an inmate in prison, who is behind bars for failing to make court-ordered payments. Rubin spoke of Maurice Hudson to reporters following the visit and explained that he “can’t understand” how people could be placed in prison without actually committing a crime.

“It’s a case very similar to Meek’s,” said Rubin. “[Hudson has] been sent to prison two different times: Once for one to two years, another time for 18 to 36 months—never committed a crime. For me to see people in Pennsylvania going to prison for not committing crimes is something I can’t understand. … I think [Hudson] is a good person. He’s got three kids, wants to take care of his kids. And instead of being with family and taking care of his kids, he’s in prison for being poor.”

Complex reports that Meek and Rubin became aware of Hudson’s case via a recent Philadelphia Inquirer report. Apparently, Hudson had already served time for a decade-old robbery charge, but he still owed $1,941 in outstanding court costs, which is why he is still incarcerated. Hudson told Judge Genece Brinkley, the judge who sentenced Meek to prison over parole violations, that he was facing difficulty paying off the debt because he only earns about $150 a week as a part-time janitor. Brinkley gave the man an additional prison sentence, saying that it was “absolutely necessary to vindicate the authority of the court.”

Meek and Rubin are currently pushing for Hudson’s release, as well as changed to Pennsylvania’s probation laws.

Check out Meek’s top five rappers tweet below.