Ahead of Kanye West’s scheduled performance at Joel Osteen’s church in Houston, the rapper and his choir performed a private concert in a Houston jail. According to TMZ, ‘Ye took a trip to Harris County Jail, where he surprised inmates and staff to a concert. Billboard reports that the inmates were visibly excited to see Kanye, who greeted them before diving into his emotional performance.

TMZ reports that Kanye reached out to the jail on Wednesday (Nov. 13) to set up the performance. He brought about 100 choir and band members to the jail, which has a very popular religious program. ‘Ye performed two separate shows, one for male inmates and another for female. Each crowd had a couple hundred people. Insiders said that Kanye was at the jail for about two hours.

As previously mentioned, Kanye is in Houston this weekend for a special Sunday Service at Osteen’s Lakewood Church. According to Complex, ‘Ye is scheduled to have a 15-20 minute conversation with the televangelist during the 11 a.m. service tomorrow (Nov. 17). Kanye and his choir when then return to the megachurch to perform during the 7 o’clock service.

“Joel is still putting his questions together, but he will talk about West’s journey to his faith,” Donald Iloff, Jr., a representative for the Lakewood Church told the Chronicle. “Kanye and Joel are friends. He’s been wanting to come out for some time and it just worked out for this weekend.”

We previously reported that Osteen is said to be interested in Kanye’s life transformation and how his newfound belief in Christianity has pushed him past adversity. The Houston Lakewood Church is expected to draw a 45,000-person congregation, in addition to 10 million television viewers. The service will also be broadcast live on SiriusXM. Tickets were offered to the event on a first come, first serve basis on Friday (Nov. 15) for the first 45,000 takers.

Kanye has a ton on his plate as of late. The rapper has been going from city to city to hold his Sunday Service concerts. And most recently, ‘Ye announced that he still plans to run for president in 2024. “When I run for president in 2024, we would’ve created so many jobs that I’m not gonna run, I’m gonna walk,” he told the crowd at the Fast Company Innovation Festival on Thursday (Nov. 7).

Check out footage of Kanye West performing at a Harris County Jail in Houston.