On Wednesday (Nov. 13), Kodak Black was sentenced to 46 months in prison and three years of supervised release following multiple federal weapons charges. Judge Federico Moreno said that the rapper had a lot of growing up to do, also citing a prison fight Kodak was involved in last month, which left one prison guard hospitalized.

The fight began between Kodak and another inmate, when the prison guard stepped in to pepper-spray Kodak. The “ZEZE” rapper allegedly retaliated by punching the guard and grabbing his testicles, which an FBI agent’s testimony described as “to the point where his abdomen and intestinal wall were breached.” It took four guards to restrain Kodak after the fight and the injured guard suffered a hernia, which will require surgery.

Now, the rapper’s team are saying that the prison fight was set up and that they believe Kodak was drugged. Sources close to the rapper told TMZ that something was slipped into Kodak’s coffee, which he can be seen in a surveillance tape drinking 20 minutes prior to the brawl, to intentionally make him aggressive.

TMZ also reports that an FBI agent testified on Wednesday (Nov. 13) that witnesses had said Kodak appeared to be under the influence during the fight. Kodak’s team also found it suspicious that the inmate who he fought with was placed in Kodak’s prison pod earlier that day and was released on bond just 12 hours after the altercation.

Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, is reportedly investigating the fight.

Kodak avoided the maximum sentence he faced of 10 years on Wednesday (Nov. 13). The 22-year-old was arrested on federal and state weapons charges in Florida back in May, ahead of his scheduled Rolling Loud Miami performance. He previously pleaded guilty to lying on a background form while purchasing several handguns in January and March of this year.