Stopping by Entertainment Tonight to promote her upcoming holiday move, Christmas Matchmakers, Vivica A. Fox aired out her true feelings toward an upcoming Issa Rae-led remake of Set It Off, which Fox starred in.

”It’s a classic, leave it alone,” she said on Wednesday (Nov. 13). “There’s absolutely no reason to try to redo it. It’s been done, and we did it so well, that people are absolutely going to compare it to that and I think that’s her taking on a tremendous chore because that film has become a cult classic and some things are just better left.”

According to multiple reports, Rae is in the early development stages of remaking Set It Off, which starred Jada Pinked Smith, Queen Latifah and Kimberly Elise alongside Fox, and marked one of F. Gary Gray’s early directorial classics. The 1996 crime drama revolved around the four women as they banded together to rob banks in Los Angeles.

“Like, create your own franchise,” Fox continued. “If you want to do a new film of girls robbing banks, create your own thing. You can make it up to date. We did that film in 1996. We are in 2019, going into 2020. So, create your own thing because people are absolutely going to compare it to it, and she’ll probably, if it’s not good, they’re going to slay her for it.”

The news of Rae’s Set It Off remake followed several announced reboots this year. Fox expressed her hesitation toward reboots, of all kinds.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong if they’re going into the next chapter of the story,” she said. “It’s when they try to recreate it and it’s already been done and that magic’s been captured in a bottle. It’s very hard to capture that.”

Fox stars in the forthcoming Christmas Matchmakers, where she plays a “workaholic” whose assistant sets her up on a blind date. Christmas Matchmakers will arrive on ION Network on Dec. 8. Watch Fox’s entire ET interview below.