Black Thought will lead on-the-rise and professional rappers alike in Carnegie Hall’s first-ever hip hop master class. The legendary Roots MC will host a three-day workshop for artists ages 18-35, which will end with a showcase featuring students.

According to the historic venue’s website, workshop participants can expected to explore the history of hip hop and work on their music, lyricism, flow, style, technical skills and delivery. Black Thought will reflect on his two-decade long career and give students practical exercises and advice on how to hone their individual craft.

Attending the workshop at Carnegie Hall is free, although applicants must submit a biography, headshot and an audition video. The workshop will take place on Feb. 3, 4 and 5.

According to Asbury Park Press, shortly after hosting the 2020 workshops, Black Thought will return to deliver some new music, too.

“You should expect new music in 2020,” he told the news outlet about a potential upcoming The Roots album.

“[In our] mid-40s, some of us 50-plus, I feel like we’re done sort of paying our dues and making an introduction. What it is now is about leaving a legacy,” he said. “I feel like The Roots, we’re a prestige act, we’re a legacy act, and I feel like whatever we do as a collective or independently, separately, should be recognized as such, it should be received as high art.”

“There’s something to be said about youthful expression [and] the fact that we were all young, the fact that we were all inside of the same sort of incubator,” he continued. “Genius begets genius and art influences sort of more art, so it was a universal creative energy that was very palpable in the building and it was a great energy to be around.”

Apply to be included in Black Thought’s free hip hop master class at Carnegie Hall here.