Tory Lanez has weighed in on the King of R&B debate. During an interview with Rap-Up, the Chixtape 5 singer said, “I think everybody’s a king in their own right. I think there’s this common misconception that somebody shouldn’t say something that’s too big. Are people supposed to limit themselves? Are you supposed to want to be number two?”

He then revealed his top five R&B artists of all time and explained why R. Kelly deserves the crown. “Despite the things that he’s done, I think music and craft-wise, I would give it to R. Kelly,” Tory said. “He’s just been doing it for so long and he did so many different genres and did them phenomenally on the music side. I don’t agree with the things he did on the other side, but musically you gotta give it to guys like that.”

We previously reported that Tory announced the release date for the fifth installment of his Chixtape series. He wrote on Instagram, “CHIXTAPE 5 – NOVEMBER 15.” He also revealed that the album will feature samples exclusively from the early 2000’s, and featured Ashanti on the cover artwork.

In addition to Tory revealing the cover art and release date, he also gave out his phone number to fans. “GAVE OUT MY NEW NUMBER YESTERDAY,” he wrote on Instagram. “ITS OKAY GUYS THIS ITS WHAT IM DOING ON MY SIDE !!! I SPREAD LOVE ! .. LETS GET MORE FAMILY / FANS TO HIT ME DIRECTLY AT MY NEW NUMBER STRICTLY FOR MY FANS TO TEXT ME 305-930-8095.”

The “Say It” singer bought a new phone just to answer texts from his fans. “I’m dead a— in my new phone more than I’m on Instagram !!!! My fans are the funniest and dopest and most entertaining a— people I ever met !!! And I didn’t realize this till i started talking to them,” he wrote.