A White Northern California teacher is facing major consequences for wearing blackface while pretending to portray Common. According to Vibe, David Carters, who teaches at Milpitas High School, wore brown face paint on his face while sporting a bald cap in an effort to reenact Common in a Microsoft AI commercial for Halloween last week. A student posted a video of the teacher on Twitter, along with a caption that read, “Sooooooooo… one of our WHITE teachers at mhs yesterday decided to paint his face so look like common the rapper yesterday.”

The outlet reports that Carter was placed on administrative leave while the school district conducts an investigation on the incident. The teacher claims that he was “shocked” at first by the responses to his racist impersonation. According to the San Jose Mercury News, Carter said, “I was shocked by the reaction, and I’m less shocked now. In hindsight, what I did was not right, and I own that. That is my error and my mistake, and I am deeply sorry for what I’ve done to create large divisions.”

He added, “I should not have done the makeup. That was too far. I got caught up in it.”

Common has since responded to the blackface incident and said that he would like to meet with Carter. “I’d meet with him, to educate him. He’s a teacher. I’ll break it down to him,” the rapper told NBC Bay Area. “It’s a moment we can teach and learn from.”

He also spoke with TMZ about the incident. “I think it’s important that the teachers, the people who are educating our children are well educated themselves on things that deal with history, culture, emotional history, and emotional intelligence is important,” Common explained. “I think we need to look at the teacher, the administration, and the people that we have leading our children in classrooms and make sure they’re fully equipped. Not just with academic things, but also have emotional intelligence and understanding. I think maybe that’s something we [should] start implementing in our schools. In all truth, I wanna do something at that school. I’m heading to that area right now, I might go up to the school.”

Check out the video of the teacher below.