Thursday (Nov. 7), Daily Mail reported that Ray J had been lobbying President Trump in the hopes of convincing the POTUS to pardon his friend and former Death Row Records CEO, Suge Knight, who’s currently serving a 28-year manslaughter sentence.

However, on Friday (Nov. 8), Ray denied being in talks with Trump at all and accused Daily Mail of fabricating information.

“[Daily Mail] pls stop reporting false stories about me! This is the second time y’all trying to pull a stunt like this! The story you put up is false and corny!” the “Sexy Can I” singer posted on Instagram.

The news outlet had previously quoted a source— allegedly close to the singer— who had stated that Ray is “adamant that he can convince Trump to pardon Suge and that people will respect him for doing so.” Daily Mail also reported that Ray was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s efforts.

“Ray J is very competitive and always has been,” the source told the outlet. “He saw what Kim was able to do with her work in the criminal justice system with the Trump administration and he is determined to show he can do the same.”

In his Instagram post, Ray directed his followers’ attention to the ventures he’s actively involved in.

“I’ve been working very hard building my companies and staying out of BS! If you wanna post a story about me pls make sure it’s true,” he wrote. “Im extremely proud of my [Raycon Global] team and my [Loop E-Scooters and Scoot E-Bike] team! We’ve built these companies from scratch and it’s not an easy task so I will NOT let you sabotage me and ruin my name! I’m working hard for my family!!!”

“The Devil won’t win!!!” Ray concluded his post. “God Bless and swipe left if you wanna know facts about me and what I’m doing!”

Last month, Knight confirmed that Nick Cannon is set to write an upcoming memoir about him and that Ray will oversee a new Death Row Records album and co-handle visual media alongside Knight’s fiancé Toi-Linn Kelly.

“Ray J is not just a friend of mine, that’s my little brother, that’s family,’ Knight told The Blast in a phone interview. “And I respect Ray J and his business dealings, that’s why I choose him as one of the guys to deal with the music side, as far as Death Row Records, anything to do Death Row, and this great album that he will be putting out.”

Knight was convicted of manslaughter in 2018 for injuring Cle Sloan and killing Terry Carter with his car in 2015. The music executive’s prison sentence could be shortened, however, due to overcrowding at his San Diego state prison and time served.