On Wednesday (Nov. 6), T.I.’s podcast comments about taking his daughter to the doctor for annual “hymen checks” went viral. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Iggy Azalea, Sharon Osbourne, Eve and Planned Parenthood vented their frustration on Twitter over Tip’s parenting technique when it comes to ensuring his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah’s virginity.

“We have yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen,” Tip told the “Ladies Like Us” podcast co-hosts Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham.

Mandi, who is married to Miguel, and makeup artist Moham suffered immense backlash after the rap dad’s comments went viral and were accused of encouraging his behavior by laughing during the segment.

“She’s a prisoner!” they joked during the episode. “Somebody check on Deyjah, she is a prisoner in her home.”

On Thursday (Nov. 7), the co-hosts addressed Tip’s comments and their own reactions.

“To everyone confused, angry and hurt by the recent episode of ‘Ladies Like Us,’ we want to start off by saying that we sincerely apologize for our knee jerk reaction to the uncomfortable topic,” they wrote on Instagram.

“We were completely caught off guard / shocked and looking back, we should have reacted much differently in the moment. The comments that we made and the reaction that followed are not in any way a reflection of our personal views on the topic,” the post continued. “We support and love Women and feel that their bodies are theirs to do as they wish. There was absolutely no ill intent towards any party involved & feel deeply awful about the entire incident.”

The co-hosts concluded the post with a final apology for the since-deleted “Ladies Like Us” episode.

“We are not perfect, take full accountability of our lack of action & are continuously learning along the way,” they wrote. “We know an apology doesn’t make this go away but we welcome the discussion — that’s what our podcast is about.”

Iggy Azalea, who cut professional ties with T.I. in 2015 and has since been embroiled in her own drama with the rap mogul, commented on the episode on Twitter.

“Unfortunately, he is dead serious,” she wrote in the since-deleted tweet. “Really I wish the women who interviewed him would have said something to him. He has serious control issues with women in all aspects of his life & needs therapy.”