While fans wait patiently on Big Sean’s next album, Don Life, the Detroit-born rapper decided to post a few more tantalizing hints on his Instagram.

Wednesday (Nov. 6), Sean Don shared photos with Kanye West, where he appears to be visiting the “Follow God” rapper at his Wyoming home. Sean sports Kanye’s Jesus Is King merchandise and posted a snippet of what appears to be his unreleased track, “Lucky Me.” Sean recently spoke about the song, which refers to a heart condition he was diagnosed with at 19, to Entertainment Weekly.

“I couldn’t even walk from one side of the room to the other without getting super tired,” he said. “I passed out once in the shower and got rushed to the emergency room.”

“Lucky Me,” which is expected to be included on Sean’s forthcoming fifth studio album, tells the story of his heart condition and experiences with a holistic doctor.

“I’ve never talked about certain things in my life,” he continued. “It just kind of made me realize I need to really express some of these things.”

Although Sean has yet to announce the project’s official release date, he has revealed that Don Life will include features from Post Malone, A$AP Ferg, Hit-Boy, A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill, P. Diddy, Jhené Aiko, Ty Dolla $ign and MadeInTYO, with production by Take a Daytrip, Johan Lenox, Amaire Johnson and more.

So far, the “Bounce Back” rapper has shared album cuts, “Bezerk” featuring A$AP Ferg and Hit-Boy, “Single Again” with vocals from Jhené Aiko and Ty Dolla $ign and “Overtime.” Don Life will mark Sean’s first solo full-length release since his 2017 album, I Decided.

“It’s been some of the most important years of my life. There comes a point where you sometimes have to rediscover yourself,” he said of his two years out of the spotlight. “I never had the experience of anybody in my family doing that, so I didn’t know how to do it; my dad never had the luxury of taking time off. It’s been a lot of pain. It’s been ups and downs. It’s been me learning a lot. Because at one point I felt like I didn’t even know myself. When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t know what I didn’t like and liked.”

“That’s when I realized that all these things that are conditional can’t really give me the unconditional love that I was in dire need of. That you come to a point in life where you realize that the car, the house, whatever it is that you thought you wanted, was just a temporary fix,” he continued. “And what I really was looking for was the fulfillment that only following your heart and being passionate can give you. I took some time to work on myself and I was able to have a good therapist, good mentors… I truthfully feel like it’ll really shine through on the full album.”

Check out Sean’s photos and the “Lucky Me” snippet below.