J. Cole has his sights set on a 2020 release date for his next album.

According to Rap-Up, Cole made an official announcement for his upcoming record The Fall Off by launching a presidential-style campaign during his headlining performance at the Day N Vegas festival in Las Vegas on Friday (Nov. 1).

When the “Purple Emoji” rapper opened his set, he showed fans a campaign video, which highlighted some of his music-related resumé. He even included a line that said, “each word of his verses reportedly costs $2000.”

The clip also showed footage from Cole’s interview with Lil Pump. “We need someone with big ideas and bold solutions,” said the narrator. “Taking out the garbage, an expert in diplomacy, a candidate who can heal the intergenerational war.”

The video concluded with a pitch, “There’s only one answer, one true unifier to our country. Make your votes heard and vote for The Fall Off in 2020.”

Although Cole has announced his upcoming album, it is unclear if there will be any features. However, one thing is for certain, Cole will not be doing any guest features of his own. The rapper revealed the news on Twitter in September. While announcing the release of his track “Family and Loyaly” with Gang Starr, Cole wrote, “This a honor to be on this song. NEW Gang Starr. This is the last feature you’ll hear from me. Thank you to everybody I got to work with during this run. @REALDJPREMIER This song a classic, thank you. RIP GURU.”

This is not the first time the North Carolina native has spoken on features. “Last year, I set an intention to say yes way more than I say no,” Cole told XXL. “Say yes to features. Step outside of my comfort zone. And it’s still going. I’m trying to level up this year on the features. Last year was like a preview. I don’t want to be done with rap years from now and look back like, Damn, I didn’t even work with nobody. I don’t want to have no regrets. The year that I’m going to have is all coming from a place of when this shit is all said and done, I want to know that I left no stone unturned. I f—king did everything I wanted to do. Even s—t I didn’t want to do but ended up being glad that I did it in the end.”