Kanye West reportedly held a “Brunchella” event and apparently, it was reminiscent of the famous Fyre Festival. According to The Blast, those who attended “Brunchella” are upset after spending $55.00 on a brunch that allegedly consisted of a scarce plate of two pancakes, two strips of bacon and a sausage patty.

Kanye brought his Sunday Service to Baton Rouge, Louisiana this past weekend. There, he played tracks from his new Jesus Is King album. Similar to his other Sunday Service events, fans gave praise to the rapper and the performance. However, many have gripes with the price of attending and the food provided.

“The food looks awful at #Brunchella but the orange juice sitting out with water still in the cases has me dying. Y’all paid $55 for this?!” one person said about the food provided. Some people even did side-by-side photos of the “Brunchella” meal and the food offered at Fyre Festival. “What’s going on at Fyre Fest South aka #Brunchella?” another fan wrote. During Fyre Festival, ticket buyers were promised “gourmet celebrity chef meals,” but ended up getting “literally bread, cheese, and salad with dressing,” according to one attendee.

The Blast reports that in a press release, the event coordinator clarified that the meal at “Brunchella” was provided for ticket holders before ‘Ye took the stage. “On Friday, November 1, Lauryn’s Fine Catering provided brunch to Baton Rouge Sunday Service to attendees. Sunday service has no affiliation with the ‘Brunchella’ catering service. Attendees were to be provided with a hot brunch while waiting on Kanye West to perform. The catering company did not provide adequate food for ONE attendee and a social media post went viral,” the release said.

They continued, “Kanye West and the Sunday Service collective has no responsibility for any food complaints reported and should be disassociated with such claims.”

Check out a photo from “Brunchella” below.