Nipsey Hussle has landed on Forbes’ list of “Top-Earning Dead Celebrities of 2019.”

Hussle, who was killed outside of his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles back in March, earned $11 million over the last year, putting him at the No. 10 spot. Forbes reports that the “Racks in the Middle” rapper earned more money posthumously than he did while alive. Nipsey has also garnered 1.8 billion streams over the last year, which places him among the top three most-streamed artists, living or deceased.

Nipsey is the newest edition to the Forbes list, which consists of 13 celebrities in total within industries such as music, film, and more. Other artists to appear on the list includes Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Prince, and more.

The family of the late rapper continues to keep his legacy alive. It was recently announced that his Marathon Clothing brand teamed up with Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God clothing line. According to Complex, the net proceeds from all sales will be “going directly to” the trust fund of Nipsey Hussle’s children. The collection was released at Fear of God’s Atmosphere retail exhibition last Friday (Oct. 25).

A Marathon Clothing rep said last week, “Nipsey was a big supporter of Jerry Lorenzo’s fashion efforts through both his Fear of God and Essentials brands, having worn several pieces in music videos and other iconic career moments. We, The Marathon Clothing, wanted to see through a collaboration with Fear of God as Nipsey always envisioned it.”

Nipsey also did a collaboration with Puma back in September, which sold out in one day. We reported that the collection debuted on Sept. 5, and flew off the shelves. All proceeds from the sales of the PUMA x TMC collection went to the Neighborhood Nip Foundation, which was launched by Nipsey’s family in honor of the late rapper. The foundation was inspired by a program that Nipsey’s mother discovered, which gave him access to a free recording studio.