Ghanaian artist Serious Klein (a.k.a. Kelvin Boakye) delivers a solid record paying tribute to his late father titled “Lil Capo.” The new single is not only supported by a stunning visual, but also showcases his distinct flow and effortless style containing hints of soul and spoken word.

Speaking more on the track, he explains: “I talk a lot about memories and situations that helped me understand my personal meaning of love on the new project, as well as a lot of things that influenced my character and the person I am now – one of these things was the influence of my late father. I always looked up to him. He was that guy when it came to fashion and and attitude – He always seemed like a superstar. always popular in his community, always at the center of every event, always well respected. Although I didn’t grow up with him it somehow happened

that we share a lot of similarities. I always loved his sense of fashion, from the way he

wore his jewelry to the suits he used to wear. The effect he had on those who surrounded

him was crazy, everybody wanted to level up because of him and his mindset about life

and entrepreneurship. So “Capo,” which comes from the Italian language and stands for

the “guy“ or the “captain,“ is a homage to him and also to myself as in me being the junior

version of him – a reminder to keep him and his legacy alive. I wanted the sound to be

majestic and somehow gangster at the same time, all though he has passed, it was more

about talking about the strength then the tragic fact that he left cause that’s what he left me with his strength.”

Watch “Lil Capo” below: