While onstage performing at a concert this week, The Game addressed the massive payout he’s been ordered over his lost sexual assault case. The Los Angeles rapper was ordered to pay up, to the tune of $7.13 million, to Priscilla Rainey, who accused The Game of sexually assaulting her in 2015.

Judge TK Sykes previously stated that The Game hadn’t taken the case “seriously,” adding that he “evaded process, trolled Rainey on social media, dodged a settlement conference, and did not bother to show up at trial.” After the loss, it appears The Game’s attitude toward the lawsuit has pretty much stayed the same.

“Everybody got something to say, this, that, I don’t give a f**k about none of that,” he told the crowd. “I been The Game my whole career, I ain’t deterred, ni**a, I’m me. I been shot at, stabbed, fought, ni**as suing me.”

“Today I read on the internet they said I lost seven million. Sh*t, what I’ma do now? Is Popeyes hiring?” he joked. “Seven million, he must be broke! In this muthaf**kin’ Burberry tracksuit? Who give a f**k about that? F**k a b**ch that’s suing.”

The “Hate It Or Love It” rapper paused to laugh at his jokes while the crowd cheered him on.

“Y’all gotta stop believing what you see on the internet,” he said. “Just call me. Ask me. I’ma tell you if I’m broke.”

Rainey, who appeared on the reality dating show “She’s Got Game,” accused The Game of sexually assaulting her during an “off-camera date” at a Chicago sports bar in May 2015. The contestant claimed that The Game repeatedly groped her while under the influence and went on to sue him for sexual battery.

The Game appealed the initial ruling from the 2016 lawsuit, however, on Oct. 17 the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s ruling, denying his appeal. Circuit Judge Sykes found the damages awarded to Rainey to be “fair and reasonable,” resulting in a $7.13 million judgement against the rapper.

Despite the suit, The Game dropped off his “West Side” single earlier this year, ahead of his forthcoming Born To Rap album, which is expected to drop on Nov. 29.